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Video Contests


Think you can make a better video? 
So what are you waiting for?!
The winner receives $200!
CLOSED's very first video contest! Create a "promo" video
for our writing contest "My Rabbi The Super-Hero".

What funny, zany abilities does or should a super hero rabbi possess?
Great hook shot?
Photographic memory?
Talk-til-you-drop stamina?
A great eye for potential donors?

Pick up your Internet cam, Iphone or video camera and show off your cinematography skills by creating a Promo, alone or with friends.

Guidelines: Your video must be an original video, which you own the rights to. We accept all formats, but urge that it weigh less than 150 MB and FLV format may be easiest for you to upload. Just make sure your video is under 2 minutes and "Kosher" (no nudity or cursing).

Does it cost to enter? No, you can upload your video for free.

What if I DON'T win? Either way your video will be uploaded to YouTube for viewers to see. We'll also be choosing a video good enough to get the 'editors choice' award. The video to get the title will be screened on our Home Page.

Who Judges which Video is the best? You and your friends do! The videos with the most likes by July 20 will be first place winner and win $200.

This is something I'd like to try! How do I enter the contest? All you have to do is upload your video at Once approved, you video will be on our YouTube channel for your friends to watch and enjoy.

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