Category: Children’s Story Contest
 Maximum Length: 1,800 words
 Contest Ends: October 28, 2014
 Winner Announced: November 10, 2014 


    1ST Prize Winner- $500 
     2nd  Prize Winner- $100 
 3rd Prize Winner- $50
  4th  Prize Winner- $50


Contest Entry: $18.00
*Critique only: $47.00  
Contest Entry with Critique: $60.00



What magical “over the rainbow” adventure can you concoct for children ages 3-7? Can you invent a phantasmagorical vehicle a child can ride “over the rainbow”? Do the lovely colors we see shooting into the sky dance, sing, play “over the rainbow”? Have you been “over the rainbow” and returned to tell the tale? Let your imagination do the writing….


Just a few reminders:
          *Kids love to see a story come alive, so use lots of “show” and less “tell”.
          *Stick to one theme and don’t confuse the kids with (too many) subplots.
          *Read the story aloud, first to yourself and then to as many kids as possible.
          *Make sure your vocabulary fits the age group you’re writing for.     
          *We look for stories that have a storyline, but sometimes a good story
            with a non-didactic moral theme can win the day (See short story "IN MY FAMILY"). 

Stories must be previously unpublished and contain Jewish Content. By submitting a story the author grants JewishStoryWriting.com first publication rights for 18 months. However, after the contest that an author enters is finished and the winners announced, the author may request first publication or simultaneous publication rights from JewishStoryWriting.com. In all events, the author retains copyright at all times. Multiple submissions accepted.

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