Jewish Family Matters Contest

CATEGORY: Early Childhood Contest

JUDGE: Yaacov Peterseil

MAXIMUM LENGTH: 2,000 words

DATES: May 10 through August 30, 2013

WINNER ANNOUNCED: September 9, 2013 

PRIZES: $2,500 1ST Prize, $250 2nd Prize, $150 3rd Prize    

First place will also get his/ her story illustrated and published (1000 copies minimum)!!!!


Contest Entry: $25.00
Critique only: $35.00
Contest Entry with Critique: $55.00


Charity begins at home, and so does caring for one another. Family members will do almost anything for each other just because they’re family. The Jewish concept for this interconnectedness is called areyvut, feeling and caring for other Jews.

Write a story geared to children 3-6 that will help them, and perhaps their parents, understand that the caring they feel for their immediate family can and should be expanded to other Jews, even those they may not know; a story that will help them understand that kol Yisrael areyvim ze lazeh – All Jews are connected to each other and affect each other.

Your story can be about a mitzvah, a commandment which transcends the individual and spills over into the Jewish community – locally and/ or worldwide.  Your story can be about anything that will show a Jewish child how he or she can affect the Jewish world.


Stories must be previously unpublished and contain Jewish Content. By submitting a story the author grants first publication rights for 18 months. However, after the contest that an author enters is finished and the winners announced, the author may request first publication or simultaneous publication rights from In all events, the author retains copyright at all times. Multiple submissions accepted.

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