In My Family

By Morah Becky


In my family we are many,
Josh,Jordan, Jacob, Jenny,
Borus, Bracha, Betty, Benny,
Lionel, Levi, Leah, Lenny.


Here comes Mario, Moshe, Mendel,
Rina, Robert, Rhonda, Rachel,
Yosef, Yael, Yulia, Yankel,
Dina, Donald, Debby, Daniel.


Have you met my sister Sue?
You would really like her too.
She lights candles Friday night,
As Grandma claps with pure delight.


Look who’s here I think it’s Mike
Zooming on his motor bike.
He wears his Jewish star with pride
When he goes to take ride.


Dov learns Torah night and day
By his Talmud he will sway
Thinking through his Rebbi’s Torah
He’s a link in our Mesorah.


Chananchik is a brave chayal
Serves his country in Tzahal
Waves a flag of white and blue
Cause he loves his fellow Jew


Avi davens every day
On Yom Kippur Bob will pray
They sit together side by side
Their prayers are forever tied


Sammy helps all those in need.
Are you hungry? Come he’ll feed.
If you want a place to stay
Stop by Sammy any day.


Hannah likes to cheer the sick
She says to all, ”Get better quick.”
Sharing books or cuddly bears
Just to show how much she cares.

Hey there kids, come join with me.
YOU are on my family tree.
Hop aboard and join our crew,
We have all been waiting for YOU!


Short and tall, heavy, thin
Many different colored skin
Each one has their special way
With important things to say.


Sofer, sailor, soldier, scholar
Different ways to earn a dollar.
Dentist, artist, or guitarist
There goes Fran my friendly florist.           


Farmers, teachers, figure skaters,
Doctors, bakers, and shoe makers
Makes no difference what you do,
We love every single Jew.


Shirts with buttons, polos, stripes,
There are so many different types
This is how it ought to be
When you’re one big family.


Some have kipot on their head,
Black, and blue, and white or red
Doesn’t matter if you wear
There’s so much more for us to share.


Lokshin kugel, lachmagin
Add some spice or cinnamon
Potato knish, Moroccan dish
Would you like gefilta fish?


Different foods with lots of flavor
Tastes and smells I want to savor
Sitting at a Jewish table
Have some chicken soup with kneidel


Ashkenaz or Sefaradi
They are all my family
FromNew YorkorTimbuktu
Each and every single Jew.


From oldEgyptwe did flee
To serve Our G-d who set us free.
Together, forever we’ll always stand
Jews united hand in hand.


We’re one family and we are there
To hope and hug and care and share.
When things are sometimes hard to do
We’ll lend a hand and help you through.


And when you’re filled with sheer delight
We’ll shout hurray and dance all night!
There is no better place to be
Then with your caring family.