Publishing Fees

The fees below are for a children’s manuscript with a maximum of 1,800 words.

Includes editing your story so that the storyline runs smoothly. The editor will help you re-work the characters and analyze the arc of your story. Your story will be checked for correct syntax, grammar, and sentence structure. Books written in rhyme will receive a critique of their rhyme as well as suggestions how to improve and tighten the story.


Includes word-by-word analysis of your story to make sure the age level of your manuscript is appropriate. A fresh, professional eye will make sure the story flows.


Our designers will integrate your copy with the illustrations and create a deliciously beautiful book that will stand out and get a “second look” from buyers interested in purchasing children’s titles.  We know there’s lots of competition out there so our designers take their time to make sure the all-important cover of your book will be dramatic and colorful.


ILLUSTRATIONS: Ranges from $150 - $450 a page.
The quality of illustrations for a children’s book cannot be over- emphasized. However, some titles lend themselves to less realistic artwork, or artwork that requires less artistry. This will affect the cost of the illustration per page. We will help you to determine what type of artwork would work best for your book, and your budget.


Printing costs depend on a number of variables including: print run, book size, paper quality, embossing, hard or soft cover production,
and various other, more subtle factors. We always have a hand on the pulse of the children’s market, so before you’re ready to print
we’ll go over all your printing options and help you make a sensible decision.


We offer general distribution to the wholesalers and chains – Many of our titles are distributed by a division of IPG, one of the largest distributors of books to the general market. Your book will be made available for purchase by stores, chains, and wholesalers. Your book will be sold on Amazon,, and many other online sites. We also have warehousing inIsrael, so we will distribute your book to the sizeable English speaking communities inIsraelthat have proven to be avid readers and buyers.


Royalties: You receive 50% of all monies collected from the sale of your book.

 Contact: [email protected]