Sample Entry

My Woman of Valor, I Have Found 

By Shlomo Peterseil

She wakes up at dawn,
Not a complaint or a yawn.
She is brisk in her movements,
Always searching for improvements.
She prepares the day’s menu,
 And helps bring in the revenue.
She is thoughtful and helpful, her mind is so clear,
When she prays each word rides up on a tear.
The burden of the world rests on her shoulders,
Her mere presence is enough to move boulders.
She sees me admiring,
Her modest gaze so inspiring,
Her warmth, her smile, always makes my day,
It’s she, above all, for whom I pray.
The children awake with fright,
And run to her in the middle of the night.
She embraces each child with love                
Enfolds them like a mother dove.
They leave for school, a little sad, a little blue,
And then miraculously, it’s just us two.
As she rushes to work, then drives a carpool,
She reminds herself of her life’s golden rule:
Her family is the most precious jewel.
My woman of valor, you deserve so much praise,
May I be worthy – with you -- to live out my days.


With much love and admiration to my amazing wife- Tova

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