I Scream You Scream

We All Scream For Ice Cream!

By Molly Jacobs

What happened to the days when kids just came up to my counter and said PLEASE?
     Not today.
Today I'm the one that caters to them and must appease.
I used to drive in my truck down every street playing my favorite ice cream jingle.
     Not today.
Today the streets are blasted with loud noises from the latest hip hop single.
There was a time when they cared about me making ends meet.
     Not today.
Today if I don’t lower prices and give discounts, they'll say that I'm a cheat.
Once upon a time children called me mister, sir, or pop's
     Not today.
Today, they bark out their order, treating me like one of their many props.
Please don’t scream!!!
I'm sick of your scream!!
It won't get you anything in life, childexcept maybe ice cream.

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