Damn Dumb Donkey - A Parsha Poem


Damn Dumb Donkey.
God created you with such a tongue and such a voice –
An instant before-thought, after all was done and said.

Damn Dumb Donkey.

Useless miracle! God’s errant thought crystallized between the time
The work of work was finished and the work of rest had just begun.

Damn Dumb Donkey.
One ass in each generation. Lonely. Friendly. Forever spewing words.
Trying to make a point. Eloquent.  Filled with brayless questions:
Why is it so hot in the sun? What makes grass grow just here?
Am I the only one who makes these sounds aloud?
How many were trampled by stubborn herds that thought them queer?
How many were killed by men who swore they were possessed?

Damn Dumb Donkey.

Do you know what words breed, ass? You don’t, do you ass?
What can you speak to me of, ass? A she-ass you’ve mounted?
An uneven load that ripped your white hot hide? Is my ass too heavy, ass?
Damn Dumb Donkey.

Have your words ever conjured spells that crumble the will of men?
Is there a sign somewhere, an omen that your words could foretell?
Has a breadcrumb fallen from a lip and have you cried-out the portent?

Damn Dumb Donkey.
You caused me all this pain just to give me counsel?
Me, a messenger, holy created in the unhurried plan of God.
Damn Dumb Donkey!

The King of Moav calls me Lord, and offers gold for a little curse, a word.
Wood and metal gods tremble, though (unlike you) they can’t speak my name.
And yet you insist God’s Angel wields a burning sword above my head.

Damn Dumb Donkey!

Here’s a sight. A Donkey kneeling on the earth, speaking foreign tongues.
Arise! Or I’ll beat you senseless as payment for your senseless words.

Damn Dumb Donkey!

The voice that speaks to me would never speak to you!