The Poet’s Dilemma

Writing Small
by Mel Glenn

I wish to write small, to cast a nearsighted eye
at the small disturbances of man, the quick glance,
the suppressed sigh, the pang of jealousy when
he sees her with another on the streets of Avenue U.
I wish to paint with a thinner brush,
to catch the smile, the wistful look,
the hope in a young man's eyes
when he goes on a first date or interview.
I wish to type out the song in a minor key,
to capture the moan of a missed opportunity,
the sadness of a lover leaving 'round the corner.
Forgive me that I can't write larger,
that I feel more at home with a smaller font.
Pardon me, too, that the sweeping saga
lies outside my grasp or vision.
I am more intrigued by what is said in parting
between ex-girlfriend and boyfriend
over coffee in a late night diner in Queens,
than philosophical inquiries into the nature of love.


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On Writing
Mel Glenn is the author of 12 books for young adults, including Jump Ball, Split Image and Who Killed Mr. Chippendale? which was nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award of the Mystery Writers of America.
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